Administration and Fusion Team

This course covers what you need to know to administer your subscriptions and manage a Fusion Team.


1. User and Product Management

In this lesson, learn how to manage team members and assign software

Circle grey Beginner

4 mins 27 seconds


2. Team Hub Management

In this lesson we're going to explore how you can set up your Team Hub account, transfer projects other accounts, and manage users' roles within your team.

Circle grey Beginner

5 mins 37 seconds


Quick Tip: Share Public Link

In this quick tip, learn how to share your data with external stakeholders without asking them to install a viewer.

Circle grey Beginner

2 mins 57 seconds


Quick Tip: Create a Team Hub & Use AnyCAD to Consume Updates from Inventor and Solidworks

In this quick tip, learn the value of using Fusion Team and how to use AnyCAD to incorporate updates from Inventor and Solidworks.

Circle grey Intermediate

7 mins 33 seconds


Quick Tip: Move and Copy Designs

In this quick tip, learn how to move and copy designs between projects and how to move a project to another team.

Circle grey Beginner

2 mins 19 seconds

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