Direct Modeling

This lecture introduces direct modeling concepts and use-cases and shows how to edit existing geometry from other CAD systems.


Making changes to history-free models using Direct Editing

Learn how to use direct editing techniques to modify existing geometry on imported or history-free models. Make design changes such as rotating ribs, moving and copying features, and removing unwanted geometry.

Circle grey Beginner

6 mins 14 seconds


Working with imported geometry

Use Fusion 360’s Find Features command to edit imported models from other CAD systems.

Circle grey Beginner

4 mins 20 seconds


Fixing corrupt models with Wound & Heal Method

Learn how to fix corrupt models using the wound and heal method. On particularly difficult models, see how to remove the problematic region to allow changes to be made.

Circle grey Beginner

11 mins 31 seconds


Use Direct Modeling to design an in-context model

Learn direct modeling techniques to create an in-context design using existing geometry. Don’t worry about complex sketches or parametrics to get your idea on the screen and interacting with other models. Learn about the Re-Anchor command.

Circle grey Beginner

9 mins 1 second

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