Lesson 2: Setup

In this lesson, learn how to create a setup that defines the Work Coordinate System (WCS), any fixture components, and the stock you want to use.


Tutorial: Set Up a Toolpath Program

Create a CAM setup that defines the work coordinate system, origin location, and stock dimensions.

Create a Toolpath Setup

Begin by creating a toolpath setup. In this step, you select the part to machine and then identify fixtures.

  1. If the Data Panel is not open, click Show Data Panel
  2. In the Data Panel, open CAM 2_Setup from Projects Samples Workshops & Events Adoption Path ➤ Creating Toolpaths and Programs (CAM) ➤ Fundamentals of Milling ➤  2_Setup.


  3. In the CAM workspace, choose Setup New Setup.
    Autodesk Fusion 360 displays a setup with default stock extents and a toolpath origin.


  4. In the Setup dialog, set Operation Type to Milling.
  5. By default, the entire model is selected. Instead, you want to select the part and identify the fixtures separately. Click
    imageunder Model to clear the selection.
  6. On the canvas, select the saw mold.
    The stock material now matches the extents of the part.


  7. In the dialog, select Fixture.
  8. Select the 16 bodies that make up the four clamps.


Set Toolpath Coordinates and Stock Material

In this step, you set up the work coordinate system (WCS) and stock material.

  1. In the Setup dialog, set Orientation to Select Z Axis/Plane & X Axis.
  2. For the Z axis, select the top face of the part.


  3. For the X Axis, select an edge along the side.


  4. You want the X axis to face the opposite direction. In the Setup dialog, select Flip X Axis.


  5. Set Origin to Stock Box Point; then click Box Point.
  6. Select the stock box's top-left front corner.


  7. On the Stock tab, specify the following values:
    • Set Mode to Relative Size Box.
    • Set Stock Side Offset to 0.
    • Set Stock Top Offset to 0.04 in.

Notice the dimensions of the stock at the bottom of the dialog.

Set Up Postprocessing

In this step, you set up properties specific to the machine and NC program.

  1. On the Post Process tab, specify the following values:
    • Set Program Name to 1001.
    • Set WCS Offset to 1.
    • Set Probe WCS Override to 1.

      NOTE If you use multiple offsets, specify 1 as your first offset. For more offsets, increment by 1 for each instance. An offset of either 0 or 1 specifies the first offset (for example, G45).
  2. Click OK to create the setup.
    You are now ready to add toolpaths.


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