Lesson 8: Post Processing

In this lesson, learn about post processing: from finding the right post processor to viewing the G-Code in your preferred viewer.


Tutorial: Post Processing

Convert toolpaths into machine-specific NC code.

Post Processing Configuration

Now that your toolpaths are complete, you are ready to create the NC program. In this step, you specify the post file for your machine.

  1. If the Data Panel is not open, click Show Data Panel
  2. In the Data Panel, open CAM 8_Post Processing from Projects Samples Workshops & Events ➤ Adoption Path ➤ Toolpath Programming ➤ 8_Post Processing.

    TIP If toolpaths are out of date
    imageafter the design loads, choose Actions Generate Toolpath.

  3. In the CAM workspace, choose Actions Post Process.
  4. In the Post Process dialog, click Setup and choose Use Generic Posts.
  5. Set Post Configuration to Haas.cps - Generic HAAS.

Open the Post Configuration File (Advanced)

The following steps are for advanced configuration and are optional. If you want to proceed directly to creating NC code, skip this task.

  1. In the Post Process dialog, click Open Config.
    Editing the post configuration file is not part of this tutorial. However, at this point, you could carefully edit the file, if necessary.


  2. Close the post configuration file.
  3. Opening the post configuration file closes the Post Process dialog. Choose Actions Post Process to open the dialog again and restore settings, if necessary.

Create NC Code

In this final step, you create and view the NC code.

  1. In the Post Process dialog, specify the following values:
    • Set Program Name Or Number to 1556.
    • Set Program Comment to Saw Mold.
    • Set Unit to Document Unit.
    • Select Open NC File In Editor.

      NOTE Program-naming rules are machine-dependent; some machines support more than four digits and some allow nonnumeric names.
  2. Click Post and save the file.


  3. To enable color syntax highlighting, do the following:
    • In the editor window, click Extension Manager
      imageat the upper right.
    • Click Available.
    • In the Search box, type Simple G-Code.
    • Click Install for the Simple G-Code Syntax Highlighter.

TIP You can get support for more machines from the Post Library.

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