Fusion 360 Academy Portland 2019 - Manufacturing (CAM)


Beyond the chips

In addition to adding tool paths to a part, this course will look at all areas of the manufacturing part.

Circle grey Beginner

1 hour 2 mins 14 seconds


Streamlining CAM workflows with templates

We'll take a look at common CAM programming workflows to analyze the repetitive steps within each. We'll then walk through the steps to create a template that minimizes those repetitive steps to drastically reduce overall programming time.

Circle grey Beginner

1 hour 1 min 34 seconds


Fusion 360 Turning -Spin a Creative Workflow with Ease

This class is intended to assist new Fusion 360 CAM users in learning the turning environment interface, and how to create: job setups, define stock, establish work coordinate systems, turning operations, stock simulation, setup sheets,etc.

Circle grey Beginner

1 hour 4 mins 46 seconds


Boosting Shop Productivity by Applying High Efficiency Milling Techniques

Whether you are new to CNC Machining or have been machining for 30 years, HEM techniques can result in profound shop efficiency never seen before.

Circle grey Beginner

1 hour 21 mins 30 seconds


Success with Fusion 360 Drawings

Learn the in's and out's of the Drawing workspace to create a complete manufacturing drawing package using the latest automation workflows and tips-and-tricks from a fellow Mechanical Engineer and Software Developer currently working on Drawings.

Circle grey Beginner

58 mins 44 seconds


Next Level CAM Concepts

Let's dive deeper into the Fusion Manufacturing work space and explore advanced concepts and workflows. Let's talk Patches, Templates, Patterns, Folders, 3D Toolpaths, Tool Libraries and more!

Circle grey Beginner

1 hour 8 mins 1 second


Surfaces: The Multi-axis tool path control you never knew you had

Learn about Patch Surfaces, Check Surfaces, Drive Surfaces, and ISO Lines, and how they can help you control your multi-axis strategies.

Circle grey Beginner

55 mins 46 seconds


Manufacturing Extension Deep Dive (Part 1/2)

In this session we will give a high-level look into each part of the extension, covering; Steep & Shallow Finishing, Automatic Hole Recognition, Surface Inspection and Additive Manufacture.

Circle grey Beginner

51 mins 24 seconds


From Part to Post – Tips and Tricks for Complex Mold Manufacture using Fusion 360 (Part 2/2)

In this 60 minute software demonstration, we will utilize some of Fusion 360's latest CAM and Collaborative functionality to tackle some of the biggest challenges that our customers face.

Circle grey Beginner

50 mins 0 seconds

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