GE Bracket tutorial overview

The GE bracket is an engine bracket, which is a critical component of aircraft engines.

Loading brackets on jet engines must support the weight of the engine during handling, without breaking or warping. The brackets may be used only periodically, but they stay on the engine at all times, including during flight. But these brackets aren’t the only parts on an engine that offer weight-reduction opportunities. There are many similar load-carrying parts on the engine that, because they were designed for conventional manufacturing technologies, are not fully optimized for both performance and weight. By substantiating Additive Manufacturing in this particular case, we will enable significant weight savings throughout the engine.

The purpose of this tutorial is to design the GE bracket using Generative Design. The design should be based on the specifications given in the Requirements section below.


  1. Material: Ti-6Al-4V.
  2. Additively manufactured: Minimum wall thickness - 0.050 in.
  3. Optimization objectives: Minimize weight with Factor of Safety of 2.
  4. Parts based on the following conditions:

Boundary conditions

  • Geometry is resting on an infinitely stiff plate.
  • Interface 1: 0.75 inch diameter pin. The pin is considered infinitely stiff.
  • Interfaces 2-5: The bolts are considered infinitely stiff.

Loading conditions

Load Case 1: Maximum static linear load of 8,000 lbs, applied vertically.

  • Load Case 2: Maximum static linear load of 8,500 lbs, applied horizontally.
  • Load Case 3: Maximum static linear load of 9,500 lbs, 42 degrees from vertical.
  • Load Case 4: Maximum static torsional load of 5,000 lb-in, horizontal at intersection of centerline of pin and midpoint between clevis arms.

This tutorial is based on requirements of one of the GrabCAD challenges.

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