Positional Multi-Axis

This lecture presents the fundamentals of creating 3+2 toolpaths using Fusion 360.


Lesson 1: Multi-Axis Setup

In this lesson, learn how to take a part from an assembly into the CAM workspace, and prepare it for multi-axis operations.

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6 mins 34 seconds


Lesson 2: Positional Multi-Axis Workflow

In this lesson, learn how to create 3+2 toolpaths in Fusion 360, including how to set a tool orientation to position the tool relative to the part.

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4 mins 55 seconds


Lesson 3: 3+2 Orientation Definition

In this lesson, learn more about what happens when a tool orientation is selected and the effect on the toolpath.

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6 mins 8 seconds


Lesson 4: Multi Axis Stock Simulation

In this lesson, learn how to make accurate stock simulations to verify multi-axis toolpaths in Fusion 360.

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5 mins 8 seconds

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