Sketching and Parameters

These lectures guide you through the process of creating, constraining, and defining the sketches that support subsequent modeling and collaborative processes.


Lesson 1: Sketch Basics

This lesson covers the backbone of 3D modeling--sketching. You'll learn how to apply, set, and amend sketch features.

Circle grey Intermediate

6 mins 3 seconds


Lesson 2: Sketch Constraints

Sketch constraints help create a robust and fully defined sketch that mitigates potential modeling errors. This lesson explores the various ways you can apply constraints to your sketch.

Circle grey Intermediate

6 mins 53 seconds


Lesson 3: Sketch Parameters

Parameters let you define and set functions to any number of sketch dimensions, giving you more control over your design. In this lesson, you will learn the power behind setting parameters and how they can play a key part in your design process.

Circle grey Intermediate

6 mins 13 seconds

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